ExactechGPS® Knee Application


ExactechGPS® Knee Application


Ask your doctor if joint replacement surgery with ExactechGPS is right for you.

Your Knee Requires a
Unique Road Map

When it comes to knee replacement, accurate placement and alignment of the implant components are critical to the overall longevity and function of the implant.

ExactechGPS Knee Application

Traditionally, surgeons have used pre-operative X-rays, instrumentation and special techniques to plan the surgery and calculate the fit and positioning of the total knee implant. While this has worked well for many years, studies have shown the risk of implant failure increases substantially when the implant is outside of three degrees of alignment.2

ExactechGPS was developed to assist surgeons in meeting their goals of precision and accuracy in total joint replacements. It has been shown to be accurate within less than one degree.3

How Does Guided Personalized Surgery Work?

Personalized for your unique bone structure and anatomy, ExactechGPS provides surgeons with a comprehensive view of your knee joint and bone structure, which allows your surgeon to make adjustments to ensure accurate and precise placement of the knee implant.

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  • Screen

    The images on the screen allow the surgeon to verify where to remove bone and appropriately place the implant.

  • Measurements

    The computer analyzes the information it has gathered and displays it on the screen in a graphical format with calculated key measurements.

  • Trackers

    With a few simple trackers placed on the patient’s bone, the system sends data on the patient’s anatomical structure and joint movement to the computer.

Exactech Knee System

Proven Design, Proven Materials.

At Exactech, we take pride in providing you with a total knee replacement that has been built on a history of clinically-proven and well-performing implants over time.1 As Exactech continues to expand its portfolio, the fundamental design goals and quality of materials used in our products remains consistent.1

It is widely recognized that quality design and materials contribute to longevity and function when it comes to total joint implants. The patented design features and proprietary materials contribute to the Exactech knee system’s overall longevity and excellent clinical performance.1

Exactech Knee System Features

  • Wide range of sizes

  • Net compression molded polyethylene inserts

  • Anatomically designed implant

  • Streamlined instrumentation

Get Back To What You Love: Patient Story

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ExactechGPS Knee Replacement Patient
Irving, TX

A total knee replacement with ExactechGPS helped Barbara get back to doing the things she loves – especially teaching aerobic exercise at the her local senior center.